Parents view yoga in elementary school as religious indoctrination

Encinitas education officials accepted a $533,000 grant from a yoga studio to bring a program of exercise and meditation to students. But some parents see the action as an attempt to teach Hinduism.

This kind of thing really irks me. A handful of parents oppose yoga in school because they say “yoga is a system of spiritual beliefs.” Well duh….

Yoga is indeed a system of spiritual beliefs. But why would that be a bad thing? If it reduces bullying in the schoolyard, increases concentration in class and eliminates the need for Ritalin, isn’t that better?

I’ve been practicing yoga for over ten years and practice with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and God knows what else. In fact, I don’t know, were all yogis and don’t discuss religion in class ever. Yoga has nothing to do with religion.

You can read the full article here if you like.


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