Bus stops and dishes are part of Asana practice

buffetOne of my teachers Christina Sell, used to say that doing asana practice was like being on a bus. When riding the bus, especially in a new town or city, it’s important to know where to get off the bus ensuring that we are in the right neighbourhood. Remaining on the bus past your stop could take you to dangerous places.

Since then, this concept of bus stops as been adopted by many teachers and it’s not unusual for instructors to offer a series of bus stops along the way with no pressure to go for the full ride. This concept however does suggest that one day, you should be ready to go farther and deeper.

During today’s class, the teacher opted for the dinner party metaphor and suggested that as you would at someone’s dinner party, you would choose the foods that nourish your body and thus only eat what you need. I started thinking about pot lucks and thought to myself that perhaps some foods are simply not suitable for me or I may be allergic. Now I’m not saying that some poses are just beyond my reach and thus should just be lazy and not do them, but perhaps I do have a slight allergy and will never be able to eat them plentifully. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Bus stops and dishes are part of Asana practice

  1. both of these metaphors are useful! I’m so glad to be in a place that sustainability and stability in my asana practice is more important than going to that final stage of pose. My body feels better and I feel more grounded. I’m glad I found your blog. Nice work here.

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