It’s only yoga… suck it up.

hot-beverage-warningI once told one of my teacher, that if I ever ran a studio, that “It’s only yoga… suck it up” would be my tagline. More and more, at least where I practice, yoga studios are now becoming spas; where students are encourage to come, relax and get nourished. What a load of bullshit.

Yoga is not like being at a spa. If it was, then it wouldn’t work. In order to learn, improve, grow and develop as a human being, one must face obstacles, challenges, road block and painful moments. The idea that you can go through life wrapped in cotton wool is plain wrong. One of my first teacher, was lovingly referred to the Yoga Nazi by myself a few fellow students. He would constantly reprimand us for checking out, drinking water, getting out of the pose, etc… I learned a great deal from him, I’m sure most people did too and no one ever passed out or died in any of his classes. Fancy that!

I wish yoga studio would be safe from litigation. I’m sure that’s why they bow down to folks who think it’s too hard and want to go easy. These are the same nut jobs who need a warning on their coffee container reminding them that the drink they are about to enjoy is hot. Just suck it up folks, it’s just yoga.


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