Dealing with Shavasana

ComaEveryone always looks forward to the end of the class and lying in shavasana. The corpse pose allows your body to absorb and soak up your practice. My teachers have always reminded me that it’s probably one of the most difficult pose. While in shavasana, the urge to fidget, think about what’s next, what happened yesterday and just not be in the moment is immense.

Yoga nidra techniques are a great way to make shavasana easier and I used to do that, but lately, I’ve found an even better way. I like to imagine that I’m in the movie Coma. You may not remember, because it is pretty old. I was only ten when it came out, so never saw it, but the picture of the floating bodies trapped in a state of coma is etched in my mind.

In my version of the movie, I imagine lying on a beach on an alien planet. On this planet, there are tubes on the beach that connect to all the part of my body which are lying on the sand. Through these tubes flows all the crap I no longer need; pain, jealousy, pettiness, self-hatred, prejudice, etc… I just imagine it being sucked out.

While this is happening on my back body, the sun on this planet has healing qualities and I imagine myself absorbing it’s rays and feeding me love, peace, strength, courage, everything I need and feel I might be lacking.

It’s totally silly, but it’s better than thinking about what to make for dinner.


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