We’re in a friendship crisis.

According to Lifeboat, the average North American is lonelier than ever. Even though we’re connected on facebook, twitter and Google circles, we don’t reach out and spend time with our real friends.

This is where Lifeboat comes into play.
Lifeboat is a movement of people re-investing in deep friendships. They’re not offering grand solutions or complex schemes, but instead, simple things that work. I just read their Getting Started Guide and found it very informative. Suggestions such has making a small list (5-8) of very good friends, being vulnerable and revealing oneself to friends will make for great long lasting friendships.

Lifeboat is a revolution and like all revolutions, they have a manifesto. Will you help me in spreading the word?



One thought on “We’re in a friendship crisis.

  1. Hi Christine,

    This is Alia from Lifeboat. I’m so glad you found the Getting Started Guide helpful. Thank you for helping us get the word out by sharing the manifesto. We just launched the site last week and are excited to see where this project goes.

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